Thursday, September 16, 2021

Platinum Deluxe ® cosmetic, Miami
    20340 NE 15th ct
United States

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At Platinum Deluxe® cosmetics we aim to enhance and maximize your beauty with a line of luxury cosmetics at the highest of quality. Using only the purest and richest ingredients we have a variety of products that will protect, revive and hydrate your skin, each extensively researched and developed to provide you with the ultimate product. Our Cosmetics have the luxurious and anti-aging benefits of Platinum – a substance that rejuvenates and firms the skin, restoring its young texture. In addition to anti-aging benefits, platinum nanoparticles have an extremely high absorption rate, enabling the products to penetrate deeper and more effectively into the skin and yield even better results. Platinum Deluxe® skin care is appropriate for all skin types. You are your skin. Outfits and styles may change, but skin is permanent. You need a product designed with forever in mind.We’ve harnessed the power from one of Earth’s rarest metals to offer you a skin-care solution unlike any other. This is more than just skincare. This is skin-glam. Your skin will never feel the same again. ABOUT PLATINUM DELUXE Platinum Deluxe® brand families started in 2012. Sold in more than 35 countries and territories, Platinum Deluxe® represents supreme luxury and transformative, high-performance skincare. Platinum Deluxe® is one of the most innovative and sought-after moisturizers, which was inspired by Shmuel Ovadia to help women keep their skin looking youthful and blemish free. Since then, it has evolved into what can only be described as a legend. Today, Platinum Deluxe® offers a complete range of facial skin care and body products—all harnessing the remarkable benefits of the Platinum.

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